You Can Go

About the Film

A high school administrator talks down a troubled student.

About the Filmmaker

Christine Turner (Director/Producer) is a filmmaker based in New York City.  Her documentary "Homegoings" premiered at Documentary Fortnight at the Museum of Modern Art, NY and was broadcast on the PBS series, POV. Most recently, Christine's fiction short, "Hold On" screened at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Daniel Solé (Screenwriter) is a writer, filmmaker, and editor residing in Brooklyn, New York. His mockumentary shorts, “Brooklyn: For Real,” received Vimeo’s coveted Staff Pick award. “Crowd Control,” which he wrote and directed, was selected for the NYC Independent Film Festival and is currently being developed as a series.

Q&A on the Film

The tense, timely story of You Can Go symbolizes many anxieties prevalent in American society today. Director Christine Turner talked about her focus on mental illness and her conscientious storytelling with PBS.

You Can GoRead the Full Q&APBS: How did you decide to introduce the administrator’s depression into the story rather than keeping it to the student?

Christine Turner: We wanted to show how differently individuals may cope with similar thoughts or feelings. In the film, Mrs. Bryant lets Billy know that he is not alone – that she, too, relates to his experience and in the process gives him some hope. Ultimately, her empathy for Billy and her own vulnerability is what leads him to lay down his gun.

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